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Disrupting the Diamond Industry

For thousands of years, diamonds have held a special significance in societies around the globe. The complexity and variety of these precious stones have traditionally  prevented the development of a universal, standardized pricing mechanism. This remained a critical obstacle to any attempt to establish a firm and viable financial market for diamonds, while maintaining a  lack of transparency for the industry as a whole.


The public perception of the diamond industry is of a closed industry lacking transparency.

Standardized Price

As diamonds are diverse, it’s exceedingly difficult to price them accurately.

Financial Market

Although large-scale demand exists, no viable financial diamond tools have been developed.

Our Vision

We believe that technology and innovation can revolutionize the way we do things.

Our mission is to provide the world with a technology that will change the way we trade the world’s most precious commodity – diamonds, by building a reliable, holistic and data-based means of trading with these precious stones.


Holistic Solution

Dindex technology covers a wide range of the diamond market, not limiting ourselves to only a narrow component, instead providing an industry-wide overview and analysis.

Reliable & Independent

Dindex technology provides the financial industry with a new way to look and examine the diamond industry, more accurately and transparently.


The system was developed based on the data collected from all over the globe,  with more than 750,000 diamonds incorporated into the database.

Diamond Pricing Algorithm

Accurate Pricing Without an Appraisal

Dindex Diamond Pricing Algorithm (DPA) is the first technological, fully-automated method that allows accurate diamond pricing. Using innovative machine learning technology and advanced mathematical models, the DPA tracks real world global prices data, and accounts for 14 different parameters of pricing, creating a reliable data-driven benchmark of any diamond’s perfect price point, and an unprecedented level of transparency that ensures fairness on all sides.

$ 1
Value of the diamonds priced already
Diamond parameters calculated

Machine Learning

No Human InterveNtion

Diamond Financial Index

Giving Birth to a New Financial Commodity

The Diamond Financial Index (DFX) was created to help investors, diamond dealers, or
end-users gauge the health of the overall diamond market. As with a stock index, each diamond index publishes a score to reflect the performance of the diamond market as a whole, on a graphic, linear and financial display. The DFX adds over  700,000 stones daily, and is already running and proving popular on!

Diamond Indices

Reflecting sub-markets within the diamonds industry


Being calculated daily

Already live!

The DFX is already live and presented on!

See the current rates on the DFX

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